Diane J. Weiss M.D., M.P.H.

Diane J. Weiss M.D., M.P.H.

Board Certified in Psychiatry – Beverly Hills, CA

As a psychiatrist who always liked to get to the bottom of everything with patients, and really make a connection, giving people practical tools to help themselves, I am finding something which really is too good to be true; but Clinical Hypnosis does exist.

I have been embarking on a journey.  I like to travel.  I have been visiting and putting up stakes in a really interesting country called Hypnoanalysis.

After practicing psychiatry for over 30 years, one day I opened my email which led me to go to this amazing conference in Wisconsin.  I was motivated to leave my practice and spend five days away, which was something I had to really want to do.  How great that I did it because I read something which I couldn’t believe, the subject of Clinical Hypnosis.  I wonder how they could advertise something which wasn’t true, but it was true!

The more that I was there meeting the psychotherapists who had been using these techniques in such a dedicated fashion for about 40 years, feeling their optimism, the more I heard about the ways in which they spoke of the results obtained for their patients, not just the words as if they were reading them, but mainly the enthusiasm in their voices.

Was I “interested in a modality that is so effective, it could be the basis for your entire clinical practice?” I was really interested in that idea about a “lasting change,” and the promises it made!   

Here was a specialist in family practice, a medical doctor, who is going to be doing the Age Regression!  This intrigued me even more because I am a medical doctor, and I don’t find many medical doctors interested in psychotherapy at all, let alone deep psychotherapy! The idea that I would be watching a patient experience nine sessions of Hypnoanalysis within so many days, and go through Age Regressions, that I would experience this whole system, seeing the results, was just so intriguing to me!

I was by no means disappointed. What I saw was amazing! I just couldn’t believe it.

Here was a promise of a really deep process, from where, as I was learning about the protocol, I was to become more and more impressed all the time with how nurturing, comforting, and caring Hypnoanalysis was. There were protective suggestions.  The whole protocol just fit in so well, and made so much sense in helping people help themselves in a really deep, meaningful, lasting way!

This was helping the whole person, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  I saw the patient change so much within just a few days.  Initially, he didn’t want anybody to watch or hear what was going on because he was so nervous, and, at the end, he was happy to take questions.

I went four times for seven weeks within 12 months to Chicago where I would have the opportunity to observe and be taught by two incredibly fabulous, so loving and brilliant mentors.  I was obtaining more and more hours in level 2 of a three-tier residency.

I added hours of individual supervision because of their generosity.  Then, I went to another Clinical Hypnosis conference, the second conference, which just brought on even more wonderful possibilities.

And what was all of this about?  What was it doing, for the patients, as well as for me, their doctor? I was really, really, truly helping my patients, embarking on new explorations with them.  This Hypnoanalysis allowed a most beneficial, deep, interpersonal connection between the psychotherapist and the patient.  I was helping them help themselves! It has been, and continues to be, so rewarding, energizing, uplifting, motivation, stimulating, heartening, emboldening, encouraging, and worthwhile!

I have patients whom I have known for years, and some for less time.  We are going to depths and to places we never could go before. I am seeing the results in just a year and a little more!

Then I had a new person, who was ready to try this method after just talking about the present, just talking, was not going to cut it.  This was not someone about whom I already knew everything because I had talked to her for years and years.  She has repeatedly spoken about how amazing hypnosis has been for her, and how this therapeutic process has allowed her to put all the pieces together, where she has been functioning so much more successfully and comfortably in both her work and in her personal life.

I just cannot say enough to express my excitement and happiness about this wonderful process!

For more information about Dr. Diane Weiss visit her website at www.dianeweissmd.com

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Dr. Diane attended undergraduate school at UCLA, then later obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health (M.P.H.) with the Population, Family and International Health major at the UCLA School of Public Health. Dr. Weiss received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Diane constantly explores and learns additional ways to help one help themselves. For the last four years she has been implementing hypnosis/hypnotherapy, including clean language, in her practice. She is soon to be officially certified as a hypnotherapist by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and will be progressing in her residency training with the American Academy of Medical Hypnosis to become a hypnoanalyst.






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