The American Academy of Clinical Hypnoanalysts is pleased to announce our monthly Lunch and Learn series, starting July 19, 2024, from Noon to 1:00 p.m. CT.

A new topic will be introduced in the Lunch and Learn series every 3rd Friday of the Month. Meetings will take place over Zoom.

Cost: $25.00

1 CE awarded by the National Board for Certified Counselors, ACEP #7538

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about some of the topics below:

July 19th, Jeanne Clark, LCSW, DSW

Ethics of Hypnosis

Hypnosis presents some unique ethical challenges when applying professional ethical principles. At this workshop, we will discuss important ethical considerations.


  1. Understand the ethical challenges of using hypnosis, hypnoanalysis, and memory reconsolidation
  2. Understand the ethical principles that apply to hypnosis
  3. Understand approaches to using hypnosis to adhere to professional ethical principles

August 16th, Pemba Bayo, LCSW

Rank Order of Life’s Priorities

AACH provides a critical perspective regarding the relative importance of the various factors in survival, known as the Rank Order of Life’s Priorities. Understanding these hypnoanalysis concepts provides a basis for explaining client symptoms and their underlying causes.


  1. Understand how the Rank Order of Life’s Priorities creates a holistic approach to psychotherapy.
  2. Understand the six Orders of Life’s Priorities and the AACH model of concentric circles.
  3. Understand that whatever level in the order of Life’s Priorities the problem presents at, the real problem is more central.

September 20th, Dr. David Leistikow

Age Regression

Age regression is the fundamental tool of healing in hypnoanalysis. The process follows the steps needed for memory reconsolidation.


  1. Understand the principles of memory reconsolidation using hypnosis
  2. Understand the steps of age regression necessary to effect memory reconsolidation that will change the old schema and eliminate symptoms


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