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Would you be interested in a modality that is so effective,
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Are you wondering how to use your clinical hypnosis techniques, or those we can teach you, in an organized, highly effective protocol that creates lasting change for your clients?

The AACH Hypnoanalysis Protocol

Application of trance for rapid, lasting change.

AACH Hypnoanalysis is a framework for the rapid and effective treatment of a wide variety of psychological disorders without the use of medications. Hypnosis is a tool used in the protocol of the treatment process. Many organizations teach how to induce the hypnotic state but often those who learn these techniques want to know how to utilize the hypnotic state most effectively. AACH Hypnoanalysis is the framework in which the hypnotic state brings about rapid, long lasting change.

The developers of AACH Hypnoanalysis knew intuitively what current neuroscience is discovering about the functioning of the brain with regard to memory consolidation, memory reconsolidation, and neuroplasticity. These principles are the reason AACH Hypnoanalysis is such an effective system.

The AACH provides medical hypnosis training for therapists and other mental health professionals. No matter your skill level of inducing trance and in using various techniques, you will find great value in learning how to apply it to your private practice or within your institutional setting to truly amazing ends.

If you do not know how to induce a hypnotic state, we can teach you in our Introduction to Hypnosis Course. In our Advanced Course, you will learn how to effectively use the hypnotic state to produce rapid, long-lastingĀ  change that works with a wide variety of clientele. In addition, the AACH Residency Program offers in-depth training in this protocol.

What is the American Academy of Clinical Hypnoanalysts?

AACH: We are a diverse group of mental health professionals that includes Psychologists, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Medical Doctors, and qualified Clergy dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering either psychological or physiological.

To that end, as individuals, we treat clients with the most effective and unique methods we have discovered over our years of experience. As a group, we promote and teach a highly effective system of therapy called the AACH Hypnoanalysis Protocol, that is relatively short-term and can be learned and practiced by any qualified health care professional.

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Our Mission

To inform and teach qualified mental health professionals the benefits of utilizing The AACH Protocol of Medical Hypnoanalysis in their practices. Since its inception in 1974, the organization has grown and matured from being one exclusively of medical doctors to include all mental health professionals of at least a masters level education. As a result, AACH teaches the method to all such professionals to the end that psychological and physiological suffering may be treated successfully in all persons, upholding the highest ethical standards outlined by each mental health profession.

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This is a recent publication by Jeanne Clarke, LCSW, MSSW, Diplomate, Training Analyist, AAMH, as appeared in ANS: Journal for Neurocognitive Research, 2015, 57, No. 2:



by Jeanne Clark
Aurora University, Aurora, Illinois, USA

Neuroscience is providing growing evidence that psychopathology is related to neural integration and amygdala-based implicit memories. Understanding the brain provides psychotherapists a guide for treatment, and neuroscience points to hypnosis as a potent treatment tool. Hypnosis affects functional areas of the brain, including the amygdaloid memory system and neural integration.

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jclark-prague2Jeanne Clarke, LCSW, AACH Training Hypnoanalyst, speaking with psychiatry students and faculty at Charles University in Prague. Jeanne presented Hypnoanalysis: The Process and Neuroscience Implications; Finding the Right Memory.


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