What is the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts?

AAMH: We are a diverse group of mental health professionals that includes Psychologists, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Medical Doctors, and qualified Clergy dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering either psychological or physiological.

To that end, as individuals, we treat clients with the most effective and unique methods we have discovered over our years of experience. As a group, we promote and teach a highly effective system of therapy called the AAMH Hypnoanalysis Protocol, that is relatively short-term and can be learned and practiced by any qualified health care professional.

  • “101” and “102” Courses. These courses introduce the use of hypnosis in therapy. Classes are scheduled in several areas around the country.
  • Annual AAMH Conferences. A multi-session live demonstration of rapid hypnoanalysis is the focus of the annual conference. Attendance is open to qualified professionals and graduate students.
  • The Clinical Training Program is available to professional therapists who seek specialized training, in-depth knowledge of the AAMH protocol, assistance in incorporating hypnoanalysis into their practice, ongoing consultation, access to referrals, and Board Certification.

AAMH also offers professional hypnotherapy referrals to qualified therapists. For over 30 years the Academy has been the original and exclusive training organization for medical hypnosis and hypnoanalysis.

What is Medical Hypnoanalysis?

Medical Hypnoanalysis is a specialized method of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. It uses hypnosis to help the patient find personalized solutions for the presenting problem. This therapy is dynamic, short term, and directed. It is holistic in that it recognizes the interplay of mind, body and spirit to promote healing.

Medical Hypnoanalysis emphasizes causes rather than symptoms and explanations rather than descriptions to relieve psychological suffering. Hypnosis is an instrument of the preconscious mind. In Medical Hypnoanalysis, hypnosis is coupled with a well-grounded knowledge of the development of psychopathology to identify, process and diminish the negative impact of specific causal events in a client’s personal history. Depression, phobias, obsessions, psychosomatic disorders, self-destructive and anti-social behaviors can be alleviated. Emphasis is placed on a dual diagnosis (underlying and waking modes) against the backdrop of a holistic ordering of life’s priorities.

Mission Statement

To inform and teach qualified mental health professionals the benefits of utilizing The AAMH Protocol of Medical Hypnoanalysis in their practices. Since its inception in 1974, the organization has grown and matured from being one exclusively of medical doctors to include all mental health professionals of at least a masters level education. As a result, AAMH teaches the method to all such professionals to the end that psychological and physiological suffering may be treated successfully in all persons, upholding the highest ethical standards outlined by each mental health profession.