William Ronan is an AAMH Clinical Member and American Psychotherapy Association (APA) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Certified Clinician.

I became a Clinical Member of AAMH in June of 1984, having received my initial training with originator Bill Bryan, MD, JD, Ph.D. in about 1974.

I use Medical Hypnoanalysis extensively in my practice.  Getting at the underlying causes of many disorders from various anxieties, depressions, addictions, chronic pain issues plays a tremendous role in achieving successful long-term outcomes. 

I feel that without using the principles of medical hypnoanalysis therapy in many cases would be more like a band-aid.  I also use the principles of Medical Hypnoanalysis for PTSD patients. 

Folks trained by ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) see hypnosis as merely an adjunctive treatment because they do not follow a comprehensive system as developed by AAMH. I feel the AAMH method should be ranked highly along with any other medical or psychological treatment.  In addition, I also provide Hypnoanesthesia for surgeries, childbirth, dental work etc.”

I authored the first book that I know of, a psychological autopsy of a psychosomatic death. A Psychological Autopsy of Elvis Presley, was inspired by Medical Hypnoanalysis.

The book can be obtained thru Bill or on Amazon. To learn more about Bill go to MNHypnosis.com.  

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