Journey to HypnoanalysisMy name is Denise Sauceda and I am a Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist. I became interested in Hypnoanalysis and Hypnotherapy after taking a class in Psychology that researched different modalities of therapy. The one that stuck with me for several years was Hypnotherapy. At first I thought like many others, that it was more of an entertainment of sorts like you see on Television with someone dangling a watch in front of someone, and bark like a dog.

After taking the 101 course at the introductory class taught by seasoned clinicians at the American Academy of Medical Hypnotherapists, I was elated to find how easy it was to learn and the theory behind it made so much sense. We shove memories and trauma down into our subconscious, and later show signs of sickness or distress with symptoms that interrupt our daily lives. It made me think that we as a society don’t pay much attention to our body’s and mental states, and clients don’t realize the trauma that they have stored away in that subconsciousness can affect their every waking minute at times.

After the second half of the training, I took the plunge and went into the residency training with an open mind and found a good trainer who was a vital part of the AAMH organization itself.

Having used the technique of Hypnoanalysis for the last 6 years in my private practice, it has given me many rewards. I have seen almost spontaneous or very short-term therapeutic timeframes of success for my clients.  It has also changed my life as I have been through the analysis part of the training and therapy sessions to improve my mental health.

After working and treating all populations from prisoners to children, I am convinced that Hypnotherapy will be a vital part of my practice for years to come. I have changed the way I do practice and the way I take better care of myself mentally and physically. 

DENISE SAUCEDA, MA, MHA, CMH, LPC-S shares her journey to the AAMH.  Denise uses Hypnoanalysis to treat anxiety and depression.  Most of her clients are in life’s transitional places and seeking a Purposeful Personal Treatment Plan (PPTP). She also treats couples who want to improve their Marriage with intensive one day workshops or retreats as well as leads Life Coaching workshops that build communication and self-esteem skills. 



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