Typical Results are Considered Extraordinary with Hypnoanalysis

Millions of people all over the world seek a quit smoking treatment. After practicing Hypnoanalysis for thirty years, I am still amazed at the amount of clients who come in for help who have been in traditional talk therapy for years. The issues they have with depression, anxiety, phobias and much more are still controlling their lives. These clients may have the cognitive understanding of their problem and maybe even have an idea of the source, but emotionally, they are not happy or at peace.

The most gratifying part of my job is after twelve to twenty sessions of Hypnoanalysis later, the clients finally have relief from their issues.  We had progressed them through age regression, where we identify the underlying, subconscious programming.  Through reprograming these thoughts and suppressed memories, these same clients are finally not only able to end to their therapy, but also are deeply content and for once feel in charge of their lives.

One recent example of this was a 57 year old female client presented for help, who had been in different types of treatment, including many non-traditional therapies for many years. She was initially coming for hypnosis for smoking cessation. I started taking her history, and got a glimpse at her issues, especially her anxiety. I shared with her my clinical opinion that taking away her cigarettes without resolving her anxiety issues, even with hypnosis, would most likely intensify the anxiety. She left to think about our discussion.  When she came back the following week for her session, she was in total agreement with me and asked to do full Hypnoananlysis. After a few age regressions, she was absolutely amazed with the process and the depth of her emotional healing in a short time. She says she is on her way to being her true self. This is typical of this remarkable modality, its protocol and its success.

Written by Mary Kullman, MS, LCPC, Director of the Alpha Counseling Center, Inc., has been an established therapist in hypnotherapy in Aurora/Naperville, IL, for over 25 years. She offers many years of clinical, consultative and educational experience in the field of mental health, as well as guidance in individual spirituality. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor by the state of Illinois and a Board Certified Hypnoanalyst with 480 clinical residency hours. To learn more about her http://illinoishypnosis.com

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